New Flagship owners, Bruno and Marie Bazoges have just bought a CUMBERLAND MY 47 LC. We helped them with their project and their choices, up until the handover. A look back on their delivery from La Rochelle to Barcelona.

What was your first experience like ?
New to long distance trips, we preferred to hire two professional skippers, Pascal and Pep’s, to get used to our boat with no worries. Recommended by Fountaine Pajor, they also turned out to be as pleasant as they were professional.

What did this delivery mean to you ?
Travelling 1,450 nautical miles in 8 days with only two stopovers – Porto and Cadix – was a really exciting challenge. It was highly memorable.

How did it go?
Partis de La Rochelle par grand beau temps nous avons rencontré plus tard des conditions de mer et de vent plus difficiles qui nous ont permis de mieux connaître notre Motor Yacht. Nous avons aussi tenu à participer à toutes les facettes de la navigation, veille, surveillance technique, entretien journalier…

How was life on board during this long trip ?
The atmosphere was both serious and jovial. The boat’s habitability meant that everyone could live and carry out their tasks without bothering the other members of the crew. Moving between the different living spaces was pleasant and required no thinking. This significantly increases the comfort of life on board.

Did you really like the boat ?
During the first stopover at Porto, we already knew that we had fully succumbed to the Cumberland 47 LC. Due to the stability of the boat, her seakeeping is outstanding. She also has exceptionally comfortable accommodations and we always felt perfectly safe, certain of the seaworthiness and reliability of our Motor Yacht.

Do you remember any high points of this delivery you could share with us?
The ballet of dolphins along the Portuguese coast, going through the Strait of Gibraltar, entering a city by the sea, meeting a whale in the ocean, in fact, we enjoyed everything and we encourage all boat buyers to try out this experience. We would really like to recommend our boat, the Cumberland 47 LC, to anyone who loves freedom and the sea. Today we are two very happy owners and we are very grateful to all the Fountaine Pajot team, who guided us throughout our project.