Enjoyment at sea

Fountaine Pajot works tirelessly to offer its customers a great experience on the water. A satisfied yachter becomes a loyal sailor. All of the onboard technology and engineering implemented on a motor catamaran plays a major role in making the steering of each Fountaine Pajot Motor Yacht a breeze.


"The catamarans' excellent standard of comfort, seaworthy qualities and consistency of its navigation equipment combine to deliver total peace of mind and enjoyment at sea. What better way is there to enjoy boating than taking all the stress out of it?"

Stress-free sailing so you can enjoy life at sea

The joys of technology

The seaworthy design features incorporated into each catamaran’s architecture are designed for optimal comfort when underway. promote active comfort. Their designs aborb the jolts of ocean waves and their high bridgedeck clearance over the water results in a comfortable and confident experience in rough seas. A boat that doesn’t slap the water, retains a power reserve and delivers unobstructed views of its surrounds reduces the stress of navigating tricky ocean conditions.

Simplified steering

IPS and joysticks provide invaluable support for easy manoeuvring

Port manoeuvres are simplified by the wide-spread propellers, which rotate the motor yacht on the spot. Bow thrusters are only helpful in crosswinds. With a joystick-equipped model, dock management is as simple as pressing a button, reaffirming that feeling of being in total control. As such, the catamaran motor yacht is also an extremely appealing vessel for less experienced yachters.