Testimonials of Mr. BIANCHERI, owner of a Summerland MY 40 LC.

Owner of a Summerland MY 40 LC, Mr. Biancheri explains his long approach to buying a power catamaran. Already in the middle of buying a monohull Motor Yacht, Mr. Biancheri and his family discovered the strengths of our power catamarans during a vacation on board a MARYLAND 37 and then a chartered Summerland 40. After this, the purchase was the fruit of long thought, since their original choice focused on a monohull Motor Yacht. Their needs evolved, when they discovered the strengths of the power catamaran, and in particular those of the Summerland MY 40 LC.

Why did you choose to buy a power catamaran?

As owners, this is our first boat and we gave it very careful thought. We had a memorable time on the MARYLAND 37 and then on the Summerland 40, which we rented from Calvi Marine. When they spoke to us last year about the new FOUNTAINE PAJOT Motor Yachts line, we immediately found this interesting. For us, Fountaine Pajot is the undisputed leader in this market. We then chose the Summerland MY 40 LC, whose size matched our program.

What strengths of this catamaran appealed to you or won you over?

Its volume and comfort. This 40-foot Motor Yacht offers the space of a 50-foot monohull. This together with its performance, stability, autonomy and seaworthiness, as well is its low fuelconsumption – 40 % less fuel in relation to a monohull, which really is a key element in the final decision.

What are your sailing habits?

We are based in Corsica, in Calvi, and we set off cruising regularly and enjoy weekend trips. Recently, we spent 15 days on the Sardinian coast. Most often, there are four of us, but sometimes we sail as a couple. We can have up to six people on board, when the children come with us.

Do you have any particular memories of your time on board your Motor Yacht?

We have some great memories, both underway and at anchor, but I still remember our first crossing, when we delivered the boat from Gruissant to Calvi. Between the Antibes and Corsica, we met with difficult weather conditions with a strong gale and a rough sea broad on the bow. Our Motor Yacht had excellent seakeeping and the crew remained very comfortable. We also shared a great moment when we ran along the Sardinian coast with our Summerland MY 40 LC.

Do you have any projects for you SUMMERLAND MY 40LC?

We have been won over completely by all the advantages of Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts and are going to move on to the next size up. The boat is on sale and we have decided to buy a CUMBERLAND MY 47 LC, which suits us perfectly.